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Parsley Herb Seeds

Parsley Herb Seeds

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75+ Seeds - Forest Green Common Curly Parsley

Parsley is an upright growing herb, known for it's savoury but not bitter test. Parsley is a wonderful addition to any dish, adding flavour and colour. The whole plant is edible and can be used. Try adding some parsley, including stems to your juicing or smoothies.

The aromatic leaves are used in a variety of dishes, including meat & vegetable dishes. Parsley is a natural pest deterrant and when allowed to bloom, attract hoverflies and predatory wasps.

Depth: 1/2"
Sun: Full Sun - Part Shade
Zone: Hardy to zone 6
Germination Rate: 75%
Space: plants 6" apart
Maturity: 80 days

Sowing instructions: start indoors about 8 weeks prior to last frost, in peat pots to reduce transplant shock. Outdoors: 3 weeks prior to last frost. Succession plant for continuous harvest.

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