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Nigella Seeds, Love in a Mist - Miss Jekyll Mix

Nigella Seeds, Love in a Mist - Miss Jekyll Mix

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N. damascene - aka Love in a Mist, Fennel flower, Wild fennel, and Devil-in-a-Bush

Miss Jekyll Mix produce exotic looking blooms in a mix of blue, rose, and white shades, with airy fine foliage. When the blossoms fade, they produce beautiful striped pods. Suitable as cut or dried flowers.

Sun: Full sun

Height: 70cm/28"

Space: 6"

Depth: 1/8" lightly covered

Sow: indoors 6-8 weeks before planting out after last frost, in peat pots to avoid transplant shock. Outdoors (preferred): direct sow either in the fall or 1-2 weeks before last frost when some risk of frost still exists, and then sow again every three weeks for the next 3 months for continuous blooms.

Germination: 10- 20 days

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