Vegetable Seed Kit - Seedbank Collection

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1000+ Heirloom Vegetable Seed Collection (Over $50 Value)

Store your own emergency vegetable garden seed bank with 12 varieties of tried and true hardy prairie vegetables to grow nutrient dense, non-GMO food in your own Canadian back yard.

All plants can be started directly outside, no greenhouse required! There are NO tomatoes, melons or eggplant, which are challenging to grow without a greenhouse or indoor growing area.

A seed collection is an affordable way to try many types of vegetables, without buying a full package of each seed type.

All seeds are heirloom, so that you can collect your own seeds for future years, if you'd like. Each seed collection includes growing instructions, planting tips and the following seeds:

  • Turnip - Purple Top (100 seeds)
  • Gourmet Mixed Lettuce (150 seeds)
  • Swiss Chard - Rainbow Mix (50 seeds)
  • Red Winter Kale (50 seeds)
  • Beet - Deep Cylinder (100 seeds)
  • Carrots - Nantes Coreless (300 seeds)
  • Zucchini - Black Beauty (10 seeds)
  • Pole Beans - Great Provider (50 seeds)
  • Bush Beans - Dragon's Tongue (50 seeds)
  • Pickling Cucumbers (25 seeds)
  • Dill - Classic (25 seeds)
  • Early Jershey Wakefield Cabbage (25 seeds)

Please note there are no substitutions. Thanks for shopping local!

Happy growing!