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Ammi - Khella (False Queen Anne's Lace)

Ammi - Khella (False Queen Anne's Lace)

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Ammi majus

Ammi is an exquisite addition to any garden landscape, similar in look to Queen Anne's Lace, but not the same plant and not invasive.

This resilient annual, known for its medicinal properties and  drought tolerance, gracefully ascends to heights of 3 to 4 feet, adorned with multiple domed white blossomed umbels spanning from 3 to 6 inches across. Drawing in a plethora of pollinators and beneficial insects, it's a haven for garden biodiversity.

Opting for direct seeding typically yields robust and resilient plants, surpassing transplants in vigor. What's more, it effortlessly self-seeds without becoming invasive, ensuring a harmonious garden ecosystem. The edible leaves boast a delicate cress-like flavor, while the seeds harbor medicinal properties, offering relief for a diverse range of ailments such as angina, asthma, and stomach cramps.

Also known as White Dill, Honeyplant, Toothpick Plant, False Queen Anne's Lace, Lace Flower, False Bishop's Weed, Large Bullwort, and Bishop's Weed.

Warning: wear gloves when harvesting as it can cause irritation. 

Plant height: 3 - 4 feet

Sun: Full

Seed Depth: cover lightly

Plant Spacing: 3 - 12"

Germination: 12-16 days at 60-65°F (16-18°C)

Days to maturity: 65 - 75 days

Sowing Instructions:

Direct seed (recommended): after last frost (or in the fall in warmer climates). 

Indoors: sow 4-6 weeks before last frost.

Tips: chill seed at 40-45°F(5-8°C) for 1-2 weeks prior to sowing in the greenhouse. Cooler temperatures of 58-62°F(14-17°C) are best for seedling establishment. Support may be needed if grown in windy areas.


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