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Wildflowers - Butterfly Pollinators Mix

Wildflowers - Butterfly Pollinators Mix

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This vibrant wildflower mix is designed to attract pollinators and butterflies. It contains 2 grams of a mix of annual and perennial seeds (varieties may vary slightly) : Borage, Candytuft, Cosmos, Coneflower, Milkweed (Showy Milkweed and Butterfly Milkweed), Marigolds, Phacellia (Bee’s Friend), Wallflower & Zinnias.

Planting Instructions: sow in early spring - early summer, or late fall (for germination following spring). Rake area in full - part sun approx. 30 square feet until soil is loose and fine. Sprinkle seeds and rake to lightly cover seeds or sprinkle soil on top 1/8" thick. Keep moist until germinated in 10 - 15 days.

2 grams of seeds will cover an area of approx. 30 square feet.

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