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Sorrel - Red Vein (Bloody Dock)

Sorrel - Red Vein (Bloody Dock)

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Organic Sorrel Seeds 25+ Seeds

Grow vitamin rich leafy greens year after year with this exotic looking perennial vegetable. It's striped red foliage make it an eye catching addition to any part-shade garden bed. The untrained eye would never guess it's edible!

Bloody Dock Sorrel (Rumex sanguineus) is a type of sorrel that is also an ornamental foliage plant. It's easy to grow in part shade and has a tangy, acidic flavor (think lemon).

Bloody Dock is also known as Bloody Sorrel, Red-veined dock, Blood wort and Wood Dock. Native to Europe, northern Africa, and southwest Asia, it's considered zone 4.

Sorrel leaves can be used in salads to make it a feast to eyes, or in soups to get that lemony flavor, or even cooked like spinach.
Note the lemony flavor is from Oxalic acid (like spinach). As such they shouldn't be ingested in large quantities.

Grown from seeds, or clump-divisions. Doesn't like transplanting. Divide the clumps in early spring. If left unchecked, it grows tall and will have smaller leaves and goes to seed fast.

Nutrient rich soil with enough moist. Good sunlight is preferred, but still survive well in shades.

25+ seeds per package

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