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Aster - Tower Chamois China

Aster - Tower Chamois China

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25 Seeds

Tower Chamois China Aster has peony-type blooms with exceptional uniformity, reminiscent of the elegance and beauty of peonies and garden mums in an easy-to-grow annual variety. These creamy salmon-coloured blooms, averaging 2–3 inches, grace each plant with 13–20 stems, ensuring a bountiful floral display.

Tower stands out with its consistent bloom time and plant height throughout the series and mix, providing gardeners with reliability and ease of cultivation. Also recognized as summer aster, this variety promises to add charm and sophistication to any garden or floral arrangement.

  • Plant Height: 28–32"
  • Days to maturity: 110 - 120 Days
  • Germination: 10 - 14 Days
  • Sun: Full sun
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