Giganthemum Giant Poppy

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Giganthemum Poppies - (Papaver somniferum)

300+ Seeds

The best poppy for the biggest pods make this giant poppy perfect for growing seeds for baking. The 4" beautiful pink blooms form large pods that are full of edible seeds.

- Attracts pollinators
- Deer resistant
- Annual
- Zone: 3 - 8
- Height: 36" - 48"
- Blossoms 4" wide
- Sun: full sun - part shade

Plant: direct sow outdoors in the fall or 1 - 2 weeks before last frost. Indoors: not recommended. Can be winter sown in milk jugs.

Plant Depth: surface sow and keep moist (can sprinkle sand first to keep moist)

Germination: 20 - 30 days